protecting your family during a divorce

4 Issues That Can Slow Down Your Divorce Proceedings

Once you have decided that you want to end your marriage, it is common to want to complete the process within a short time. You can move on to the next chapter when you deal with the proceedings. However, sometimes the process might not run as smoothly as you expect because of the nature of the relationship you had before and when you announced the divorce. Here are some of the complications that typically slow down your divorce proceedings and ways to resolve them.

When Your Spouse Does Not Want to Cooperate

One of the main reasons why divorce proceedings take more time than they should is when your spouse does not want to cooperate. Lack of cooperation always stems from self-preservation. It might include behaviors like hiding personal assets, ignoring the petitions and requests that need their actions, and failure to hire a lawyer. They might also slow down the process by getting a new lawyer in the middle of the proceedings. These activities can make the divorce very stressful, which is why having a family lawyer helps. 

When Your Spouse Has Contested the Divorce

An uncontested divorce is what everyone dreams of when filing the petition. In such a situation, your spouse accepts all the terms and conditions you propose, and you work out the legal technicalities of sharing property. However, not everyone will be willing to create an amicable solution. When your spouse contests the divorce, the only way out is litigation. The court proceedings will take time, and you might need a competent lawyer. 

When There Is an Imposed Waiting Period

Some states have different processes that they follow during divorce proceedings. For example, some states will have a sixty-day waiting period before finalizing the proceedings. It means you remain married to your partner for a few months after filing the initial petition. Even when you have agreed on all the other parameters, the judge will not sign the papers until the set waiting days lapse. 

When You Have Children

People with children have a hard time agreeing on issues during the separation. You have to consider child custody and visitation rights. However, getting an agreement on these issues will be simpler when you have a competent lawyer working on your case.

These are just a few of the issues that affect divorce proceedings. The speed and success of your process can depend on how well you strategize with your lawyer. For more advice, talk to a local divorce attorney

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protecting your family during a divorce

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