protecting your family during a divorce

4 Things Every Divorce Lawyer Wishes You Knew

Did you know that 50% of married couples in the U.S., end in divorce? When you're newly married, you're in love and would never imagine life away from your partner. But along the way, things change, people change, and you may not be happy with the marriage life or your partner anymore. 

But even before you go ahead with your divorce, there are various things every divorce lawyer wishes you knew. Read on. 

Honesty Is Best

When you hire a divorce lawyer, you're hiring a teammate. Even if some of the things you have done are embarrassing or outright illegal, they will listen to you without judging. Don't be afraid to say you're struggling with substance abuse, have been assaulting your spouse, or there are compromising photos of yours out there. If you're embarrassed to say these things, put them in an email or letter. 

Understand that your soon-to-be-ex knows everything, which means their lawyer knows too. You may think it happened a long time ago, only to find those compromising photos displayed on slides in the courtroom. And, if your lawyer is also caught by surprise like you, they may not be adequately prepared to influence the outcome.

Pick Your Battles

The divorce process is probably the most financially and emotionally stressful time of your life. If there's something you can do to save some money and reduce the emotional turmoil, it's in your best interest to do it. 

The $25 painting you bought on your first anniversary may have a high sentimental value to both of you. But don't think it would be better to let it go than spend hundreds of dollars fighting for it? Before embarking on the divorce process, think carefully about your goals so you're not distracted by every battle that comes along the way. 

Sometimes, the Only Option Is to Accept Responsibility

In the case of fault-based divorce, you may have committed an act that gives your spouse the legal justification to end the marriage. Such acts include adultery, desertion, cruelty, or a felony conviction. Depending on your local laws, these acts could negatively affect your case, especially in property division and child custody. 

It's your attorney's responsibility to determine if you have a chance of contesting to have committed these acts. But, if the evidence is too strong against you, the only remaining option may be to accept responsibility and then prepare all defenses available to you.  

Being Organized Can Save You Some Money

Being organized can help you, and your lawyer start and run through the divorce process more easily and faster. This may, in turn, save you some money, considering divorce lawyers usually charge by the hour. 

Start by keeping a divorce file with every document or paper that could influence your divorce proceedings. Also, gather the needed copies of your financial documents and your account information. When everything is organized, the ride becomes less bumpy. 

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protecting your family during a divorce

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