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What To Do After A Social Security Disability Claim Denial

The process for applying for social security disability can be very lengthy and complicated. It can be especially difficult for people with injuries or sickness who already are experiencing financial hardship. But do not give up if they deny your first disability claim. Many people apply for the SSDI every year, but only some of the SSDI applicants can get their SSDI.  If your application is delayed or denied, you can contact a social security attorney to help get the benefits you deserve. It is also important to know what can cause your application to be denied.

Inaccurate Information

You must provide as much documentation that you can to avoid any confusion and make sure that your application is correct. Your medical records can be the one thing that will determine whether you will receive benefits. If you have little documentation to prove the validity of your disability and how it affects your work, they will deny your SSDI claim. You must discuss your condition with your medical providers extensively and tell them you need disability benefits. Your health care provider can help you gather medical records for your application.

Non-Eligible Medical Conditions

The medical condition could be considered not severe enough to qualify for social security benefits. Another issue is if it is determined that the condition will be temporary and won't affect your longterm employment. To qualify for SSDI, the disability should prevent you from working at least one full year.   Also, if you are not following treatment, it will cause your application to be denied. This is because it may be determined that lack of treatment, not your condition, prevents you from gainful employment. There might be a reason for not being able to follow the doctor's orders. For example, you might be physically disabled, experience mental illness, or the medical treatment may go against religious beliefs. It is advised to have a social security attorney to help you  in these cases.

The procedure of applying for disability is anything but quick and intuitive. Luckily, navigation is not impossible. You need to bear in mind the above information and make sure that you employ a skilled and experienced social security attorney if your claim for benefits is denied. While many factors can go wrong with a request for disability, getting a skilled lawyer's legal advice can greatly cut your likelihood of enduring any of the usual obstacles. Social security is more likely to approve a person that has legal counsel than one that does not have representation.

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