protecting your family during a divorce

How to Make the Process of Divorce Less Expensive

Sometimes, you just want to divorce process to be over. Depending on how the divorce proceeds, the process can be very expensive. Because you will likely lose many of your assets anyway, you should do whatever possible to keep divorce costs as low as you can.

Sign a Prenuptial Agreement

If you have already signed a prenuptial agreement, your divorce will be much less expensive. The prenuptial agreement is designed to outline all of the assets that each party has and is also designed to determine the rights to property. These agreements can be challenged, but having them in place makes a divorce much easier and less expensive.

Spend Less Money

You will need to change how you spend your money during a divorce. During a divorce, those involved are often very emotional and are prone to spending more money than normal. However, you will not have the income of your partner anymore and the process of getting a divorce is expensive by itself. Emotions can also tempt you to try to hurt your partner, but attempts to get revenge can be more expensive than if you try to be more reasonable. 

Sell Your House

If you own a house together, the best choice is to sell it. A house can be expensive to maintain by yourself. You may find yourself in a battle over who has the right to the house. If you sell, it, both you and your partner can keep half of the revenue generated by the sale. Many divorcees end up forced to sell their homes in the first place after believing that they could remain in the home while motivated purely by sentimentality.

Get an Attorney

You may believe that a divorce attorney is an expense you cannot afford. But a divorce can be very expensive if you do not enter into it in the right way, so you should take the time to find a divorce attorney who will be able to help you defend your case. Contact a law firm, such as Brandelli Divorce Law, that specializes in family law. This will allow you to find an experienced attorney who is right for your case. 

Hire a Tax Consultant

In addition to hiring a divorce attorney, you should consider hiring a tax consultant. Many divorcees fail to pay attention to tax issues and may make mistakes such as withdrawing from retirement funds when these assets are taxable. These issues are the most relevant to an older couple that is getting divorced.

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protecting your family during a divorce

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