protecting your family during a divorce

Divorce Tips For Couples With Small Children

It's always a difficult situation when kids get caught in the middle of a divorce. As hard as it is when the kids are old enough to understand what's happening, it can be even harder if the kids are still quite young. In such a situation, the divorce has to be handled very delicately otherwise there is a risk of leaving the kids with long-lasting mental scars.

There are a number of things you can do to make the situation a little less hard on your young kids.

Try as Much as Possible to Avoid Going to Court

Even if you've already hired a divorce attorney, it is still possible to avoid going to court. This means you and your spouse should find a way of negotiating out of court. This may mean seeking mediation services. Going to court is unlikely to make the transition easy for your children. When certain decisions are left to a judge, it can result in a lot of stress and uncertainty.

Explain as Much as Possible to the Kids

You don't have to go into the details when you talk to your kids but, it's important to try and prepare them for the realities they won't be able to avoid after the divorce. Living in separate houses, not seeing their parents together or even seeing them with other people; these are some of the realities that your kids may have to deal with.

As much as you may want to protect them from such harsh realities, they will eventually learn the truth. It could be a lot easier if you're the one explaining to them and reassuring them that everything is okay.

Listen to Your Kids' Concerns

There will be a lot of changes in your kids' lives when you get divorced, and they will have many questions and concerns. Take the time to listen to your kids to find out what their fears and worries. Having someone to calm their fears and reassure them that it's not the end of the world as they know it will mean a lot.


The process of divorce can be difficult under the best circumstances. In worse cases, it can be particularly nasty. At this point, it is essential that you handle things with discretion. Having heated arguments in front of the kids should be avoided at all costs. Try as much as possible to handle the issues that arise with dignity.

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protecting your family during a divorce

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