protecting your family during a divorce

3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Belongings From A Vengeful Ex During A Messy Divorce

In a perfect world, when two people decide to part ways and get a divorce, the decision would be amicable and peaceful. Unfortunately for a lot of couples, there is nothing peaceful or amicable about the decision to part ways. Hurt feelings, anger, and negativity can lead to everything from big arguments to damaged property. If this is a situation you are facing, you will no doubt want to do everything you can to protect your belongings so that restarting your life does not mean you will have to invest in all new furniture, clothing, and personal belongings. Remember these three ways you can protect your belongings from a vengeful ex during a messy divorce.

Rent a storage unit to house your stuff.

Renting a storage unit will give you a safe space away from the house you currently share to house your personal effects. If there are things in the home you share with your partner you are afraid they will damage, go ahead and take them to the storage unit and do not let them know where the unit is located. Even if the storage unit is in your name, because the soon-to-be ex is still your spouse, they may be able to gain access by showing proof of who they are to the manager with the proper documentation.

Take valuables to a friend or family member's home for safekeeping.

If you are unable to afford a storage unit, it is not a bad idea to ask a friend or relative if you can keep some of your things at their home temporarily. Remember, you don't want to be rude and crowd them in their own home, so only take things that are truly valuable or you absolutely need. For example, if you are afraid your partner will damage a prized family heirloom out of spite or your clothing just to make things had on you, you could take these things.

Offer your furniture to a real estate agent for home staging use temporarily.

This plan may sound a little offbeat, but is totally possible. Realtors often stage homes to make them look more attractive to a buyer. Therefore, they are constantly on the lookout for inexpensive used furniture or loaner furniture they can place inside of a for-sale home. Check with a local real estate agent to find out if they could use your most valuable furniture pieces. Not only will this be a nice gesture, it is the perfect way to keep your things tucked away in a safe location until the divorce is over.

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protecting your family during a divorce

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