protecting your family during a divorce

3 Reasons Why You Should Do Mediation When Divorcing

Going through a divorce can be a difficult time. There are many people who feel like a divorce is the best situation for them, but know that it will be a long and hard process. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to simplify your divorce, and one of those ways is mediation. Here are some things you need to know about mediation.

1. You Will Most Likely Have To Try Mediation First

You may initially feel like you don't want to do mediation. There are many people who want to go straight to court and don't even consider mediation. It is important to realize that this is not realistic. Many judges will not even see your case or consider talking to you until you have tried mediation. The courts are so bombarded with divorcing couples that the judges mandate mediation first to try to get the couples to work it out. Then if all negotiations fail, the judge will listen to your concerns. And even then, they may send you back to mediation to work it out.

This is why it is so important that you wrap your head around the prospect of mediation and prepare yourself to make it work if at all possible.

2. Mediation Will Save You Money

Mediation is ideal for both parties in many ways. One aspect is that it will save you money. If you take a divorce to trial you will pay thousands of dollars in legal fees. The attorney who has to litigate will charge you a good deal of money, along with all the prep work done by other attorneys. Thus, you should consider making mediation work for your wallet. Mediation will be one day full of negations, and you will have to pay a mediator and the attorneys for the mediation, but in the long-run, that one day will cost far less than court.

3. Mediation Allows Both Parties to Have More Of A Say

Lastly, if you can get through mediation you will likely have a better outcome. Mediation is a compromise so you can at least get some of what you wanted. When you take it to court you risk getting nothing. There are too many people who walk away from court unhappy, and aren't able to do much about it besides appeal. Thus, keep the control in your hands and go through mediation.

As you can see mediation is an ideal choice for many reasons when it comes to divorcing. For more information, contact a firm such as Bray & Johnson Law Firm.

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protecting your family during a divorce

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